Scientific English for the non english speakers

For those who are interested, come and join us for a casual and friendly conversation about science, maths, space, the universe and everything you ever wanted to know about science and were afraid to ask, come and cross the dividing line between utter ignorance and exact knowledge.

The conversations will be entirely in English, the language of modern science, like it or hate it, it’s a fact of modern life, everything that counts and shared around the world is published in English.

You have been studying English literature all these many years, and enjoying it, I am sure, that’s well and good, but have you ever, in your entire life heard a math lesson, or physics lesson in English?

It’s an oddity though, specific to our country, one can achieve his entire studies without ever being able to pronounce a simple fraction, let’s say: 3/17, or worse (x²-2/5)²/(2x+1). That’s a shame, particularly for those who aim to follow a science carrier.
So, if you want to hear how some simple scientific expressions look like, and most importantly, how do they sound, come and give it a try, don’t be afraid, you’ve nothing to lose but your ignorance.

The venue: Bat E 3rd floor each Monday at 12:30

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